Your personal office

Display your corporate logo at the entrance. The small-office setup makes it look less like a serviced office and more like your own rented premises.

Full access 24/7.

Work anytime when inspiration strikes.  We have our own inverter aircon installed when you need to come back in the evenings or on weekends.  Access the office via our phone app safely.

Free use of meeting room.

We do not charge for usage of meeting room (subject to availability), printing, even phone calls from dedicated lines for the Suite (private room) tenants.

Welcome to the StartWise-Family.

StartWise is your ideal business facade.  We are facility manager that provides all that you need to conduct your business like it’s your very own office space – corporate logo display, meeting room, high-speed wifi, printing, 24/7 aircon, ergo chair, even unlimited calls from the office (for private room tenants).

Scale up for SUCCESS.

From cost-efficient dedicated desk at just $450 per month (min 6 month lease) to private room that comes with window at $650×2 (room for 2-pax only) per month, let your business take flight today!

Power up for SPEED.

With one-price-for-all policy at StartWise including printing, unlimited phone calls (only for StartSuite), logo display and even use of meeting room, power up for success here and focus on growing your business.

Are you ready to pump up your business?

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Grow stronger
Grow Faster
Power up
Win competition
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